Panasonic Food Processor 5-in-1 with 18 Functions | MK-F310

Powerful, Multitasking, Reliable Kitchen Assistant

Chopping, mixing, slicing and other tedious tasks can be done in a fraction of time. Simply use different accessories to expand the range of your cooking.


Versatile Accessories To Meet Various Food Preparation Needs

Knife Blade

Crush/Make sauces/Make dessert


Shredding Blade

Shred/Grate vegetables or fruit


Slicing Blade

Slice ingredients to thin layers

Panasonic Food Processor 5-in-1 with 18 Functions | MK-F310

Whipping Disk

Whip cream for dessert


French Fry Blade

Shred/Cut vegetables into French-fry bite size


Easy & Convenient Operation

Comes with 3 different speed settings, it is quick & easy to use in 3 simple steps:
1) Put the bowl, cutter accessory and lid in place
2) Add ingredients
3) Select the desired speed (High/Low/Pulse) to start!


Easy to Cut Small to Large Quantities

The bowl structure is designed for frequent use to effectively cut small to large quantities evenly. Ingredients can be processed to the optimum size to satisfy even the most particular of cooks.


Safe BPA-Free SAN Plastic Bowl

The bowl and bowl lid are made of safe BPA-free plastic with high transparency and high impact resistance. They are easy to use and can be easily washed in a dishwasher.

*Refer to the operation instruction manual for further details.


Compact & Sophisticated Design

Compact, Saves Space

The vertical, clean design takes up little space on the kitchen counter.


Knife Blades Can Be Stored Inside the Bowl

The blade storage stand stores the slicing blade, shredding blade and French-fry blade in the bowl. This helps you to manage space and easily locate cutter accessories in one place effectively.


Easy To Clean Interchangeable Stainless Steel Cutter

Accessories which are troublesome to wash after processing food can be washed effortlessly in a dishwasher.

*Excludes the main body, bowl, and knife blade. Refer to the operation instruction manual for further details.


Safety Measures

Bowl and Bowl Lid Mounting Secured by Safety Lock

The processor will not start until you lock the bowl cover and bowl. This prevents accidental turning on of the appliance that might cause injuries.


800 W Max Motor Locked Wattage

To prevent malfunction caused by trying to force the unit to process something that is difficult to mix or cut, the motor locks and stops when a certain load is applied.

What’s in the box

1 x Panasonics 800W Food Processor, 1 x Manual.
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